A new project is born

Welcome to the mBravo site!

Openbravo is a free software web-based ERP progammed in Java and PL/SQL. We are partners of Openbravo and we have been included in several succesfull implantation projects.

We are Google Android users, having installed almost every free application at Android Market.

As we have not found any way to connect to Openbravo directly through our Android devices, we have just put two of our passions together.

Here you will find everything you may need to run mBravo on your Android device:

  • Basic mBravo Configuration
  • Basic mBravo User Manual
  • mBravo Demo Data


Basic mBravo Configuration

Once installed the only thing you need to configure is the Openbravo ERP instance you want to be connected to. You just have to set your Openbravo URL, and a user/password with data access grants. This user/password (and its default role in Openbravo) will determine what data will be available for you.

No own Openbravo? No problem.

By default you will connect to the Openbravo online demo (http://demo.openbravo.com), where some updateable data is always waiting for you!

Try to edit the masterdata online and see how it changes in your Adroid device. Edit descriptions, change the stock of the product, everything will be shown at mBravo.


Basic mBravo User Manual

mBravo is very simple to use. Just introduce the code of your product manually or read it from a barcode with your Android device's camera. When read, the code will be looked for automatically. If the product is readable, the result will be shown.

So far, the data retrieved by mBravo includes:

  • Product's search key
  • Product's name
  • Product's description
  • Product's category
  • Product's tax category
  • Product's stock in all warehouses

If the product changes in Openbravo's database, the result of this change will be available in the next search.


mBravo Demo Data

As said before, there is demo data available at Openbravo online demo. There are 10 products of this data that were given a numeric search value so as to generate demo barcodes.

You can try to read these codes by mBravo and search for them in the masterdata of the Openbravo demo.

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